Welcome back

It has been a long while since davidsiegfried.com was maintained regularly. A loooong while.

The good news is, I am back in business with some new topics and a new WordPress theme.

Just to give a little credit where credit is due; I started this theme with underscores for WordPress. These guys did a great job getting the basic styles and files all together so I didn’t have to. I got to jump right into organizing the styles they had, adding in LESSCSS and making the site Responsive. I then did my little bit of designing using Sublime Text 2 and Winless.

Thanks as always to WordPress and Dreamhost for the platform and the server respectively.

Looking forward to writing more here. There is also more work to do on the theme but, we will see when I get to that.

Everybody WordPress for the Weekend

So when I am not too busy on the weekend I’ll take a few hours to to sit down and work on a “just-for-fun” web project. Sometimes it is something for me, sometimes it is a learning project or a design project with no real aim, but recently my friend James Krantz and I have been working on a wordpress custom WordPress site. The intent with the site is to give it as gift to some old friends of ours. They are currently using a blogger blog and we both think it is holding back their potential and creativity so we are building them a new wordpress site.

James and I occasionally team up on little projects as he has a knack for developing complicated back-end systems (including ruby on rails, ajax and php) where as I specialize in front end development, design and theming WordPress sites. In this case James is building a custom plugin that acts as a rating system for the blog posts. I am developing an adaptive layout and turning it into a WordPress theme but I am not going to let James have all the fun and do all the complicated development. So, when I needed a custom widget I gave it a go myself.

What I needed was a widget that would list all the authors who work on the blog with some easy to set options. Right now it has the ability to show or not show the number of posts, include or exclude the admin account and include or exclude people who have not published a post. I think there is room to add more functionality in the future but essentially the widget enacts this function:

wp_list_authors( $args );

Read more about this function in the wordpress codex.

There are more features that could be added in the future but, for the moment the widget is just supporting what I feel are the most important options. The widget admin panel looks something like this:

It’s pretty simple but, to me, being able to make some simple functionality an easy to use widget is worth the time. I also know there are others who do not have the time to build such a widget. This widget also allows for users of a blog to add, change or edit setting in their sidebars, which is an important feature of WordPress. So, for your downloading pleasure, here is the code of my widget. Just install it like a WordPress widget and check the widgets menu area to title it and make changes. Enjoy!

download link: list-authors

Also, I will be adding this to a developer page at some point so check for updates if you are hoping for some more features.