Long overdue update

Well, I haven’t updated in a while so I thought I could make a quick post on my work in the web world and my life.

a 10k app

I had meant to make a bigger deal of this but, a couple months back my good friend James and I entered the 10k apart contest. The idea was to write a web app in 10k or less. We did achieve this goal after a couple late nights and entered into the contest. We did not win place or show but it was a great excersize for both of us anyway.

What we came up with was a fast food caculator for our top 3 burger joints. You can try it out at http://mediacrab.net/10k/. Essentially you click you burgers or fries or whatever you want from any of the restaurants and it calculates the calories, fat, protein carbs, etc. Maybe not the most useful thing, but, not all bad.

More importantly it was a great exercise in HTML5, CSS3, Jquery and Typekit integration. As I have played with all of these before I think this project helped me greatly iprove my understanding of HTML5 syntax and CSS3 media queries as the layout is what Ethan Marcotte coined an adaptive layout using a flexible grid and CSS3 media queries. Another interesting learning point of the project was really seeing how much you have to think about your code when every kilobyte counts. Much compression happened and I also got to liking the feel of stylesheets that are considerably more compact, keeping all the styles for each element on one line versus one property per line.

Jessica’s Cakes

I still don’t consider myself a WordPress pro but I am getting better with it every day. With that in mind my best piece of WordPress development wrapped up about a month ago when I finished jessicascakes.com. There is the usual blog piece to this site as well as a very fluid but arranged looking layout which I am fairly proud of. The best part is that Jessica of Jessica’s Cakes is easily updated by Jessica by simply writing her blog as she does and adding pictures to galleries. Simple, easy. She can keep the site up to date and I am free to just help here and there when she needs it. So far everything is going well and she has had so many great comments on the site it has been great. As this was a Creature Works project I need to tip my at to Jesse, Dale and Martha. I have been at Creature Works for over a year now and still having a lot of fun creating and maintaining some great websites for some great clients.

What am I doing now?

In all honesty I have been taking my personal web projects a bit easy. I still get to do plenty of coding at Creature Works on the 9-5 but my personal projects have been on break mode. I have been playing a lot of Starcraft 2. Which is a very great game, spending time with my wife and family as always and watching my favorite football team. I have been taking some time to get some updates underway for pakkisteam.org but I am taking my time and just enjoying myself. I feel very confident as a web standards enthusiast, wordpress customizer and general seo professional right now and I am just letting the feeling sink in. I have been considering another side project but I am not in a particular hurry.

Happy fall everyone!