David Siegfried, Warrior Poet

I guess you could say this title is a bit arrogant. But that is not really the point. It is interesting in our work lives we have to take on some sort of title and use it in our lives whether or not it really defines anything but your role in a business. Society as a whole wants to know what you are doing to contribute. My neighbor asked me 2 things when I met him, “What do you do?” and “You like dogs right?” I was obliged to tell him, “Web Developer,” in my best corporate robot voice and “uh… sure” but that was mainly because his dog looked a bit intimidating and I didn’t want to start a feud.

No one wanted to ask me what sort of title I would give myself for my life. I like being husband and uncle and soon, father. I have always felt that my life will be defined best by how I am there for my family, I have known this for years. And yet, I still feel like I could use a title for me, not for my job, not for my family members, just for me.

So, there you have it, a two paragraph explanation for the title of this post. I batted around a few ideas. I like to think and organize and learn. I feel I am at my best being creative, bringing people together and telling the truth. I am comfortable working though tough spots and overcoming obstacles and I think at the end of the day I do nothing better than I write (if you’re critical and dislike my writing you might have cause to laugh here, that’s fine, you look better smiling anyway).

I tried thinker-poet, life champion and philosopher  None of those suited me, not the way I liked. Something about the warrior word sounded right. I don’t make a habit of physically fighting but, I feel like in a lot of ways just having the will to make it in this world means you need a little bit of warrior in you. I don’t really think poet is a perfect work, but, in conjures up some nice images, the one I like best is creative. Poetry implies depth, wit, creativity, awareness and organization all are things I value in myself and find ways to perfect.

I don’t know, maybe just a funny idea, maybe something more, maybe something I can keep in my head when I step out of the house, I remind myself what I am, where I have strengths and what I want to be every day, just me, not my job and not anyone else. Just me, just something that I can keep for myself.

Make one for yourself perhaps, carry it with you, help it define how you go about your life.