Odin’s Ravens Kickstarter

I just wanted to put a line out on a game I hope to be playing within the year. However, I wont be if the Kickstarter doesn’t get funded. The game is Odin’s Ravens 2nd Edition. Odin’s Ravens is a 2 player card/board game that has had earlier editions – last published in 2002.

Thorsten Gimmler, Odin's Ravens, Second Edition.

The game looks like a great way to spend time with a friend or significant other and previous editions have been very well received. There is also a great video on their Kickstarter page that explains the game and it’s mechanics.

What got me to contribute via Kickstarter was the simplicity of the game. I find the best strategy games open a player up to find strategy among simple mechanics. This is a simple, “know when to play the hand you’ve been dealt” type game that looks like an absolute blast. The goal is to fly your raven across the twisted random path before you all the while attempting to hinder your opponent from following the same path in reverse.

If the Kickstarter Campaing for Odin’s Ravens is successful I am sure I will be updating everyone when I get a chance to play through it. Check it out on Kickstarter, or read more about the game on Boardgamegeek.