Something I loved from my childhood, revisited with a new generation

I think perhaps if I had kids right now I would write the joys of being a parent this time of year creating traditions with my children and what-not. However, with no children of my own I still got a chance to share something I loved from my childhood with my nephew tonight.

I think everyone has those couple movies they loved when they were kids that they watched a number of times … a week (in my case). My brother and I can still quote a few movies to eachother with perfect recognition, thanks to watching them on a constant loop. For me, these movies were Tommy Boy, Happy Gilmore and the Three Amigos. We were in our early teens and these movies marked the transition from animated Disney films to the real live action movies.

I showed Tommy Boy to my nephew Jack tonight, he is 10 and I think slowly coming into the age where he can appreciate some young-adult oriented comedies like this. I think he enjoyed it, it is a fun movie and being able to share it with Jack is part of being the uncle I want to be.

What movies do you plan to share with the next generation?

Kindles rooting on an open fire

I had the distinct pleasure the last week to be in on a Christmas gift for a family member who best not be reading this blog post (I’m very sure he wont be). The gift was the Kindle Fire, the desire, to be able to play games found only on the Android Market. Well the kindle only has the Amazon Market so it was going to need some customization to get this to work.

My thoughts on rooting the Kindle Fire

I don’t necessarily recommend the process at all. I was able to do it though with little prior eperience. It was not an easy task though, at no point was I having fun and all the while I worried about royally screwing up the device. At one point the device was not starting thanks to a launcher .apk file which you need to install to be able to view the Android Market App you finally got installed properly. 

However, once it works, it works well and makes so much sense. Why a tablet maker would not include the android market on such a capable device is beyond me. I realize there is money to be made, but, it is almost a reason not to buy the device. These tablets are nothing without great apps, the Android Market gives you the greatest ability to find great apps, the limited amount in the Amazon Store seems laughable and seriously hinders the tablet.

At least let me share some links I used

Well, if you want to try this yourself, here are some websites I found pretty useful, be prepared to be patient and learn a lot about these tablets along the way.

There were a couple of others but the top one here was actually the most useful set of directions for me, it had some little hints along the way that made a big difference. The last link here is what you need to do first, you can’t do any app sideloading without rooting, but make sure you unroot when you are done to avoid hangups in your amazon video streaming service.