A city with streets paved in gold

Well, not exactly gold, but, when I hopped off a street car and headed down on Bourbon Street in the world famous French Quarter of New Orleans, I found a street that was wet with soap suds and puddles of water. This has nothing to do with soap stores or rain, and has everything to do with the fact that Bourbon street is such a party zone that the street literally needs to be hosed down in the early hours of the morning for the sheer amount of spilled beverages, vomit, urine and who knows what else.

I had a hard time getting it through my head that this was real. A street where the partying is so intense that the street gets cleaned nightly? This is still unbelievable to me, and I’ve seen it. The street is in fact lined with bars, gentlemen’s clubs and other party related locations. 

The rest of the French Quarter was a lot of fun and the fact that the hordes of fans for the saints game in the evening and the BCS College Championship on Monday crowding the streets made it that much better. Who dat nation knows how to party and so do those LSU fans. Overall, if someone told me they are having a party in New Orleans, I’d be in, no question.