A city with streets paved in gold

Well, not exactly gold, but, when I hopped off a street car and headed down on Bourbon Street in the world famous French Quarter of New Orleans, I found a street that was wet with soap suds and puddles of water. This has nothing to do with soap stores or rain, and has everything to do with the fact that Bourbon street is such a party zone that the street literally needs to be hosed down in the early hours of the morning for the sheer amount of spilled beverages, vomit, urine and who knows what else.

I had a hard time getting it through my head that this was real. A street where the partying is so intense that the street gets cleaned nightly? This is still unbelievable to me, and I’ve seen it. The street is in fact lined with bars, gentlemen’s clubs and other party related locations. 

The rest of the French Quarter was a lot of fun and the fact that the hordes of fans for the saints game in the evening and the BCS College Championship on Monday crowding the streets made it that much better. Who dat nation knows how to party and so do those LSU fans. Overall, if someone told me they are having a party in New Orleans, I’d be in, no question.

A visit to the Domain of the King

As you might or might not have heard I am currently traveling with my family in the southern united states. Today we woke up somewhere in southern Missouri and got on the road south into Memphis, TN. And when you have to pass right through Memphis you might as well stop by a little place know as Graceland and take a look at the house of one of the legends of Rock and Roll.

I’ve never been a big Elvis Presley fan, his music is all right I suppose but, really as I was anything but part of that era, I just don’t understand what it was like when his music came on the scene and therefore really can’t appreciate all the ground he broke as a musician.

He was a hell of a musician, and that is evident in the room that housed his golden and platinum records, his awards and the like, the man broke so many barriers with his music that I can see why even now flowers and cards adorn his grave-site. I’ve never seen a grave of someone who was that influential in the course of the history of anything, and seeing Elvis’ grave visited by hundreds of people to day alone was really a strange feeling I can hardly place. The man is no longer alive, and hardly even a man any longer, he is a legend and a myth and yet, there he lies, just as dead as you and I will be one day.

His house struck me for how modest it feels by today’s standards of riches and over-exaggerated houses and possessions of the rich and famous. For a man who did so much, his house seemed fairly plain, and a mere 16 acres hardly seems like enough space for someone who had to rent the grocery store at night so he could do his shopping in peace. How things have changed these past 40 years.

Well, that is about it. We are going to be spending tomorrow in downtown New Orleans, visiting the markets and hopefully finding some music and interesting food. Hopefully we round out the evening with a visit to a local bar to catch the Saints and the Lions and get in on some of the excitements the fans down here are lucky enough to experience.

Minnesota to Sikeston, MO

A vacation blog post! F yeah! I am on a trip with my parents brother and lovely wife Lauren (sort of a family thing we always do around new years) to New Orleans, La. So, my mother has a great van and we did drive this day. Obviously we didn’t go all day like I would have done, but you know what, might as well pace ourselves. We stopped a number of times, have some good meals and just enjoyed ourselves.

Let me tell you, not a ton of highlights this day. The travel day is always the least exciting, highlights included wind farms in Illinois and a fabulous trip through St. Louis, MO in rush hour (good news, St. Louis has some great road system).

But then towards the end of a tiring drive we stopped for some food at a place called Lambert’s Cafe “The Only Home of Throwed Rolls.” Yes, the phrase that goes with the name says it all. They do indeed throw rolls at you! Hot fluffy rolls flying through the air, just waiting to be buttered and sauced to perfection. At the end of the meal I needed one of the 32 ounce mugs they served soda in. I plan to bring it to work and drink water from it. Yeah, slim pickings on highlights for the day, but, it was still nice to just be relaxing.


That is my brother with one of the giant mugs.

Tomorrow on the docket is more driving, a stop at Graceland when we are in Memphis, TN more driving and dinner in New Orleans, home of jazz and beads so I have heard. Enjoy the end of the work week suckers, I’m taking it easy in the big easy this weekend.