Prayer for my Godfather

I wanted to share this Prayer my Godfather gave at our wedding. He was thoughtful enough to type it out for us and now, this week, after he passed away this past Saturday I can look back on it and him fondly.

Heavenly Father,

We come to you with humble hearts and joyful spirits to express our gratitude for the union in marriage which we have just celebrated between our godchild David and his lovely wife, Lauren.

As David and Lauren embark on heir new journey, we ask you dear Lord to surround them with your light and love. Guide them, protect them, keep them safe and help them to never lose their sense of humor along the way.

We also ask you, loving Father, to bless this meal prepared in honor of David and Lauren. In your kindness, bless this gentle young couple, their gracious and kind parents and grandparents, all of us present, and those who cannot be with us at this happy celebration.

As companions on a journey, may we be mindful of our blessing and in turn, extend a helping hand to those in need – especially the last and the least.

Merciful Father, kindly grant us your blessings in the name of our Lord, Jesus.


And now I think I owe him and his family one.

Heavenly Father,

Maurice has come home to you to be welcomed into your arms. He is now whole again in your love — healthy, smiling and at peace.

Please now use us, your faithful servants, family and friends of Maurice and his family to be there and comfort the family he leaves behind. Help Ellen find peace and be there for David and Dan as they mourn for their father.

I ask of you these things in love and remembrance of Maurice, who lived a righteous life and believed wholeheartedly in your eternal power and glory.

In your name; Amen.

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