Today I am 28 years old. I don’t think much of the day really. It’s not like I’m turning 30 and have to have some kind of a crisis about the whole thing. There have been many events that have made me consider my age considerably more than this particular day. For instance my eldest daughter started asking me questions about the moon the other day.

“How do I get up there?” She asks. I smile at her; we have done this before.

“I don’t know, Hannah, how do you get up there?”

“Maybe in a rocket ship.” She says reaching up to the darkening sky.

Smart kid. This makes me consider my age. I’m 28, and I’m having a conversation, about science, with a two-year-old — my two-year-old.

My age is a product of times I’ve gone round the sun. It’s the struggles of the earths daily rotations. Laughter, loss, love, dept, overcoming obstacles, crashing down to the earth and then getting up. 28 years of life and I don’t feel much different in many ways. I’m in comparably better shape than I was 5 years ago. I am slightly more world-aware; more world-weary too. What, though, can I say about being 28 that should mean something to somebody?

So far, the difference between 28 year old David and say 21 year old David is the great amount of patience that comes with age. Some people call this wisdom. I’m not sure I want to quite go that far. I have learned to be patient at this point in my life. I don’t press through things forcefully anymore, I will wait for an opening and slide in where resistance is lightest. Screaming children are just a moment that will pass. I’m not afraid to just sort of enjoy that moment and know that they will soon be too old to have a good crying tantrum. I vividly remember being ready to jump into action at any time, for good or ill when I was younger. Make something happen. Solve a problem, fix a break, mend a tear. ┬áNow I want to just soak it in a little bit before I get too busy I miss the whole thing.


It’s what you get when you’re an adult. Oddly, it’s the sense of having time to wait for things, time to enjoy things. And yet, I have less time now than I have had in the past. Less time on this planet remaining, less time available with everyone’s busy schedules. But, patience. That’s what I’ve accomplished in 28 years.

Now I have to teach Hannah a little of that patience; she’d like to go up and visit the moon.

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